Project: Community Garden 5.12.14

And so it begins… a new project.

Captain Clam and I have taken in a stray. Well, he’s not a stray per se, and we are only watching him until the weekend… but we have a temporary dog! Meet Max (who we can’t seem to stop calling Sam).



We have been taking Max out for walks where our neighbors do… in an area next to Interstate 87 where the fence is open (it is the only place he will go poo). We have been dreaming up different schemes to make the area a nicer place for our neighbors to walk their dogs, and we wanted to do a really great project for our own selfish reasons. Of course I jest! We love our new neighborhood and really want to see it beautify. It would also be a great opportunity to pull a community together and even make a few new friends (as I do hear that creating new and meaningful friendships after 30 is quite difficult).

I don’t actually believe the dog had anything to do with the project, as we have been talking about this space for a few weeks, but actually going inside of the “run” made it clearer that something needed to happen. The entire area is overrun with weeds, trash, and broken glass. BUT, within the rubble I saw many different types of flowers growing, mint sprouts were coming up everywhere, and there were even a few ladybugs (and some stupid fucking mosquitos). Captain Clam and I ventured out there this evening with our new houseguest and started pulling some weeds and removing trash. We are confident that this project will be successful and functional as a flower garden for our neighbors and their dogs, and it will be a true test for us in our relationship and as individual designers (and gardeners).

BEFORE! This lady’s booty photo-bombed us.

So there you have it, our very first BEFORE picture. We only worked for about an hour, not really making too much of a difference (AFTER picture to come on the next post (gotta keep you thirsty for more)), but it was hard work and we came in sweating and fully deserving of a beer. Our plan is to work on this project most weekdays and weekends we are in town. I will be documenting the process and hope that you will read and encourage. Hell, if you want to support, feel free to donate plants, supplies, or your time. You can even just send an email and say,  “Hey! My garden needs some help, too!” Maybe you just want to swing by with some lemonade or a few good jokes (and maybe some bug repellant). Captain Clam and I are really looking forward to this project. We also hope that it’s legal. But don’t tell me otherwise. I like a good surprise.

As for MAX… Considering his first act as our houseguest was to pee on a painting, we are a little smitten with him and are considering a more permanent housing arrangement in our aparment. The cats are battling it out now.

Stay tuned for more Community Garden Updates!



3 thoughts on “Project: Community Garden 5.12.14

  1. He is part donkey maybe? We are really excited about the garden… it’s going to take years to finish, but will definitely be worth it. It’s hard living in the city and not having a green space to tend to. This is my new official “yard.” Too bad I can’t take my shoes off in there without having to worry about tetanus!

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