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Project: Community Garden 5.13.14

We are getting old.

Captain Clam woke up with a twisted knee. He said it was from pulling weeds. I didn’t believe him until I tried to roll out of bed. Holy soreness! After only an hour of easy labor yesterday, we are a little bit of a mess today. While my soreness is inspiring (like that good kind of sore after you start exercising for the first time in a long time), Captain Clam had to wrap his knee up for the day (yes, Clams have knees).

I stopped in to visit the garden with Max on his walk this morning. I was slightly discouraged, since the difference wasn’t all that noticeable. I had to keep saying “Little by Little.” After obsessing and daydreaming about the garden all last night, I realized that this project is going to take years to complete. YEARS! A true labor of love indeed!

I was super hyped up on the way back to the apartment and Max and I decided to race across the street to beat the light. He tangled me up and I wasn’t looking where my feet were taking me and “Squeak.” I stepped on a baby bird that had fallen from it’s nest in the fascia of our building. I don’t know if it was already dead when I stepped on it, but it was definitely dead afterwards. What a horrible way to start the day. I had a small meltdown before leaving for work, wondering if maybe the universe was trying to keep my from a high horse as a “life-bringer” to this garden project. Le Sigh*

I’m not sure if the dead bird was an omen, but we ventured back out there this evening to pull some more weeds and just kinda of hang out with the bugs. There is something about working the ground, the smell of earth in springtime, and the sting of sweat and ant bites that just makes you feel kinda wonderful. And so it went, pulling and sweating, throwing worms at each other’s faces and trying to find awesome bugs with too many legs. After an hour, we decided to stop. The sun was starting to set and Max looked bored.


Please lobby to Captain Clam for this pup to stay in the BX… Max belongs with us!


We were really proud of our work this evening. We pulled so many weeds, and even got a few compliments and thank you’s from neighbors and passerby’s. We are at only one bag of garbage so far, but we didn’t focus on trash today as we need to go purchase some gardening tools from the hardware store first. We took our AFTER pictures and headed home exhausted but satisfied. Then we uploaded the pictures and immediately regretted not picking up more trash. Somehow the BEFORE picture looks better than the after, but only because the trash is now visible.










AFTER (Clams can garden!)

Tomorrow will be dedicated to finding the perfect rake and picking up trash. We are still incredibly excited about this project and motivated to see progress. It’s been a great start to this garden, and it certainly feels wonderful to physically labor in the sun and dirt. We even found a few interesting  “souvenirs” that will be used for some art project or another:


Not all garbage is trash.


All in all it has been an extremely productive evening and we are starting to see signs of what might become of the rubble pile. Now it’s off to enjoy a hard earned beer mixed with a hot bath and some ibuprofen.

Stay tuned for more Community Garden Updates!




4 thoughts on “Project: Community Garden 5.13.14

  1. So proud of you and your clam. Making a difference ;). You are using gloves, I hope (said the mom in me). Let me know where to send them if you are not. Though all garbage is not trash, some of it is infected or just plain yucky! Congratulations, you crazy, positive girl. Keep it up, and um……keep the dog…..

    • We are most certainly using gloves! We have two pairs, one has the rubber coating on it and the other is fabric. It just sucks when the fabric ones get wet, but so far so good, as the weather has been at bay! Thanks for the support. And I am lobbying HARD for the dog. ❤

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