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Project: Community Garden 5.14.14

My poor body. It did not want to move today! Who knew that hard work had these effects! Today’s ailments include a sore back, hamstrings, arms, and neck, and Captain Clam has discovered a tick between his belly button and nethers. YIKES! I also found one on Max last night. So today is tick day. All of our pets will be scrutinized, as will both of us and all our cracks and crevices. What a sexy thought.

I started plotting as soon as I woke up. The walk with Max this morning was brief, but we did visit the site to inspect yesterday’s progress. This project is a lot of work. I am so thankful that Captain Clam is on board. He might actually be more excited than I am! We have also named the garden “Garden 134,” which now has a #Hashtag on Facebook, in case you wanted to get down on a little love and support.

Today’s tasks were easy… buy some tools and pick up garbage. I started with researching some rakes and shovels. We like to buy locally most of the time, so we headed to the local hardware store after work. Captain Clam purchased two rakes and one shovel, while I got to show off Max to the pedestrians. He’s a really good dog, but has no idea how to walk at a city pace. It’s like trying to teach a son-of-a-bitch how not to be a tourist.



Captain Clam and I only spent 45 minutes working in the rubble today. We had spent some time gathering supplies, and have honestly been really exhausted. The weather has also been muggy, making it next to impossible to want to get sweaty and dirty. Luckily we had planned a “light” day of raking up garbage. Apparently, my definition of lightly raking up garbage differs from the Clam’s. We were most definitely not on the same page! At a certain point I gave up raking and broke out the shovel to remove some of the tougher weeds. Once we felt a few raindrops, we started to shovel the debris into a garbage bag. Unfortunately, we only brought 1 bag, not realizing the scope of the mess. UGGH!


Max is totally into the composition of this photograph.

After the bag was full, Max decided he had enough of the dirt and humidity and signaled to us that it was, most definitely, time to leave. We happily obliged and quickly trudged home with blistered hands, sore backs, and dirt in our shoes. And while we feel like today was kind of a bust, the rubble pile is looking better. It’s only a matter of time before we can start planning the garden’s architecture and landscaping. So, without further ado…






We are looking forward to getting back into the piles of dust and trash tomorrow. So, please stay tuned for more Community Garden Updates!



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