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small joy

3/5/14: It’s Lent! I have decided to rub my belly, spin in a circle with my eyes closed, and make a wish to celebrate. I have no religion, but do like the idea of penitence. Last year, a very Feisty Pickle posted on facebook everyday, thanking and writing the praises of special people in her life. Each day, her post was devoted to a different person. Awesomeness!!! It made me feel good reading it, even though I didn’t know all of the people she wrote about.  Well, the whole thing inspired me to do something for lent this year, even though I am not religious. I want to spread some love!

This year I am devoted to being nicer to myself and working on not complaining as much as my mouth wants to. So for the 40 days leading up to the next time I make a ham, I decided to share one thing each day that brings me joy, no matter how small that joy may be. So without further ado, I present to you The Joy Journal for Lent 2014 from a non-belieber.

Day 1: Thinking you finished your coffee and then realize there are a few sips left.

Day 2: Cold feet, warm cat.

Day 3: The sound of a guitar being tuned in the subway first thing on a Friday morning.

Day 4: A Saturday trip to Home Depot.

Day 5: Drinking ice cold soda straight from a 2 liter bottle.

Day 6: Thinking you lost our phone and then finding it in a pair of pants that mysteriously disappeared into a pile.

Day 7: Spicy Jerk Chicken Leg Soup.

Day 8: Spicy Jerk Chicken Leg Soup Leftovers.

Day 9: Helping a friend pick out girl baby names.

Day 10: A haircut, even if it is just a trim.

Day 11: Neil Young : 1971 

Day 12: Al Pastor burrito leftovers with a bad ass salsa verde.

Day 13: Getting a mailbox key (at last!) and getting a letter from my mom.

Day 14: Being Irish for 1 day.

Day 15: Visiting a pet store just to see the animals.

Day 16: Cabbage farts.

Day 17: A new dish rack that actually fits on the counter. Woohoo!

Day 18: Seeing my favorite Cousin THAT GIRL RYAN’S first Stand Up Comedy performance (online, sadly).

Day 19: Romantic dinner at Charlie’s.

Day 20: Spending a lazy Sunday watching bad Reality programming on Netflix  (click HERE to find out what I was watching… it’s so bad!).

Day 21: Coming home and Captain Clam has made a masterful dinner for two!

Day 22: 9 Hours of sleep and a good attitude.

Day 23: Finding Cheerios and Chocolate in my lunch bag.

Day 24: Talking to my sister for more than 5 minutes.

Day 25: Pizza for lunch AND dinner. A True Pizza Friday!

Day 26: Baby Smiles.

Day 27: Coming home to a clean apartment after being away all weekend.

Day 28: Pressing SEND and feeling really good about it.

Day 29: Sick Day = 15 hours of sleep.

Day 30: Orange Paint.

Day 31: Yellow Paint.

Day 32: Getting a seat on the Subway for the entire ride both ways.

Day 33: Seeing old friends.

Day 34: Sleeping past 7:30am.


Day 36: Received good news on freelance projects.

Day 37: Saw a driver get out of his car and help a woman in a wheelchair cross the street. Gave him a thumbs up.

Day 38: In and out of the DMV in less than 20 minutes.

Day 39: A little finch flew in through the window at work. I named him Harry.

Day 40:  Finding an antique door knob to replace the loose shifter knob in Dino Gadget, our new pick-up truck.

4/13/14: I am not gonna lie. Some days, there was a struggle to find a small joy, other days, I knew exactly what would make the list (like Day 35). Day 31 was almost hopeless, but I did find some solace in painting my kitchen a bright yellow. No matter how crappy the day was, there was something each day that brought joy and thanks. It was nice to sit down and (sometimes force myself to) find one glimmer of hope from the day, even it the day had seriously gone to shit. Yellow paint might seem like a cop out to you, but for me on that day, it was something that I needed badly, and quite possibly the only thing that made me smile that day.



Just a little note to mention that I lost my voice and came down with a nasty sinus bug towards the end of this small joy project. If you know me then you know I am a giant baby when I get sick. I don’t want to do anything except sleep and be miserable and get head and body rubs (which were readily unavailable (thanks, Captain Clam!)). That office chair really made my week though. At first, they gave it to me and then took it away because it had a dent in the arm. Then I came in on Monday and, like magic, it was there, waiting for me to have my mind blown. Thank you, powers that be!

Small joys are all around us. This little project really helped me to appreciate the larger joys even more. I could list a million big joys (like getting a car and road tripping all over the Husdon Valley), but it’s the itty bitty ones that make me stop and think about how easy it is to be happy, even if just for a fleeting moment. It’s the flower growing out of a pile of garbage, or being woken up by a singing bird on the perfect sunny morning. You don’t even have to look for them; they are all around you. Make them count!

What small joys have you had lately?