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Guest Blogger: Vijay Dhanaraj

Hi Friends. I am spreading all of the love I can find these days. I’d like to introduce you to a good old friend from from back in the day. Vijay and I have known each other for about 12 years (Oh my gosh, has it really been that long?!). He is best pals with my former boyfriend, who have known each other, literally, their entire lives. Vijay is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and can win any argument that he raises. He also has the funniest laugh I have ever heard. It is quite contagious!. I am hoping that this is the first of his guests appearances. We haven’t seen each other in some time now, and I am hoping this blog journey will be a new chapter in an already awesome friendship.

Also, just so you all know and don’t get any ideas, only my good friends call me Steph… unless you ask, then I will consider it.

So, without further anticipation, Vijay, you have the mic (I love you, friend).


Vijay’s free-fall into blogging.


Recently, I discovered that my dear old friend Steph had a blog.  The coolest thing about Steph having a blog was that as I read her words, I heard them in her voice.  Although she has a facebook page and I’d randomly catch flashes of events in her life, I haven’t actually heard her voice in a few years.  I know it sounds weird coming from an old man such as I, but it was really almost as cool as having Morgan Freeman narrate things as they happened in my life, which I swear sometimes happens.  Maybe it’s because I’m Indian.  I need an automated carpet.  Write that down.

Then she tossed me this weird idea of being a “guest blogger.”  I’m not really sure what that means.  Does that mean I get to post stuff in Steph’s voice?  Because that’d be damn cool.  I wish I could post stuff in Morgan’s voice, ‘cus no offense Steph, that’d be cooler.  Really though, I am truly flattered to be thought of in such context.  It brings me back to some long weird nights just south of the South Bronx (though some claim we were still technically far enough north to be in the Bronx). *

*Note from SJ: I have no idea what you are talking about.

As I sit here writing this, I guess it becomes clearer what “guest blogging” is.  Hell, what is blogging?  I guess if forced to define blogging, or drunk enough to try explaining it voluntarily, blogging really is talking in a funny voice.  It’s not like looking into the blogger’s life or reading a newspaper article.  It is like blogging gives you this strange voice where you can be the narrator of a story as it is being written.  You get to direct the attention and sway the main characters as they develop.  So should I become a guest blogger and contribute my own funny voice to Steph’s? Please read my post’s in Morgan Freeman’s voice.  It will make them better and make me cooler… even in real life.  I know some of you who claim to know me or pretend to like me may hear me in my own real voice, but humor me at least.  I look forward to sharing my own views and adding some commentary that may find itself on the cutting room floor.

Either way, let me leave you with a deep and meaningful quote:

“Hi.  I’m Morgan Freeman” ~ Morgan Freeman

(Did it work?  Did you hear his voice at all?)